22nd August 2010

R Sushi

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Adelaide St, Brisbane (next to Escape Travel)

It was the queue in the street outside this hole-in-the-wall take away joint, so obscurely located that it doesn’t seem to have a street number, that alerted a friend to its existence. How true is the judgment of the people! The vegetarian sushi is a delight, the strips of avocado, carrot, cucumber, daikon and lettuce bright and colorful to the eye and extraordinarily fresh, their crunchiness beautifully complementing the rice. Addition of the wasabi and soy sauce you pick up on the way out would simply get in the way of the purity of their fresh taste. But the condiments work well with dishes where ingredients have been cooked, such as the sushi in which very tasty seaweed, beautifully dark and green, comes wrapped in tofu, and that made of mushrooms in tofu. The food here is simply fantastic, and you’ll forget all about your short wait in a queue.

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