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14th July 2009

Highlighted Campaign for July 2009

As a followup to last month’s highlighted campaign, I am asking you to please join the following call for action:

Perhaps less well known than Canada’s seal slaughter (at least to me) and even more distressing if you read the details about it’s support by an Australian company, is the slaughter of seals in Namibia.

Please go to Animals Australia at:
http://www.animalsaustralia.org/take_action/namibian-seal-slaughter/ and join the petition to encourage the company Hatem Yavuz to stop financing this atrocious event by their purchase of the pelts, of which they are the only company still doing so, in what has been named the “largest and cruellest seal slaughter”.

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12th July 2009

Vegetarian Restaurant in Zurich

I have recently returned from Switzerland where I met with a wonderful restaurant idea. Tibits is a fabulous vegetarian restaurant in Zurich which serves buffet style food which you pay for per 100g. You could load your plate up with lentil salad, dumplings, tofu curry salad, cottage cheese, bread, roast potato, green salad, fruit, tiramisu and much,  much more. This type of restaurant would be fabulous to have around the corner!

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