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  • 12th December 2009 Meeting Minutes

12th December 2009

12th December 2009 Meeting Minutes

Minutes VVOC 12/12/09

1. Talked about the t-shirts and decided that Helen would look into the possibility of ladies styles. Will order 2 mens shirts and tote bags for Jacki, Melissa and Helen.

2. Need to put up a post about fasting and our different perspectives. Should we be discussing what we do? Does this diminish the purpose of fasting? Perhaps some general information about fasting – this needs to be a communal posting so that we are all comfortable with the content. Add in a comment regarding the nature of fasting – that it doesn’t have to be scary or an impossible task. (Frederica Matthews-Green book had a good passage about fasting)

3. Vasilios clarified that the personal aspects of the site would be testimonials and recipes etc and that all other info is resource based/links out.

4. Dates for VVOC 2010
* 6/2/10
* 10/4/10 – Picnic
* 5/6/10
* 2/10/10

5. Tasks for 2010:
* Jacki – to continue campaigns
* Melissa – recipes
* Vasilios – contact us form
* Helen – nutrition focus
* John – restaurant reviews

6. Noted the importance of stating the nature of content – fact or individual opinion.

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12th December 2009

Welcome to a new contributor

Everyone at VVOC would like to offer a big welcome to our new member and contributor – John Moorhead. John is a Vegan and Orthodox Christian and has been with the group for over two months.

Looking forward to John’s posts on the site.

Cheers – Vasilios Theodorakis – VVOC Administrator

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