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6th February 2011

VVOC Meeting Minutes October 2010

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Members Present: Jacki, John, Vasilios and Helen

Apologies: Melissa

Today we met at Helen and Vasilios’ place for lunch and a discussion about the film ‘Food Inc’.

1. We started off talking about ‘Food Inc’. For those who are unaware ‘Food Inc’ is a film about the underbelly of the US food production and supply chain.  All agreed there were some truly disturbing instances of where profit is clearly put ahead of people’s health, let alone animal welfare.  Being vegetarian and vegan never felt so good after watching this! For more information about the movie go to the offical website at: http://www.foodincmovie.com/index.php.

2. Afterwards we shared a leisurely lunch including chickpea patties (cooked by Jackie), chickpea roast (cooked by Helen) and salad, olives and chargrilled veges.  John brought along some lovely sweet date and sesame balls to go with fruit for dessert.

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