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4th November 2011

Highlighted Campaign for November 2011

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Kattens vern (cat conservation)

When in Norway recently, I visited a store that sold all things cat.  It was really lovely and had everything from clothing, jewelry, handbags and clothing, to items to make your cat’s life as happy as it could be.  I discovered it was actually an organisation raising money to look after the homeless cats of Norway!  Check out their website www.kattensvern.no (Google translate comes in very handy…)

As a cat lover, it’s so great to see that there are people in other countries just as concerned for their welfare.  If you read the story on the website about a Norwegian woman trying to help the cats in Libyan markets, you will be very sad, but it’s encouraging that she is making such an effort.

I like that they have used Ghandi’s quote on their website:

“A nation’s greatness and its ethical progress can be judged by how it treats animals …
I believe that the more helpless an animal is, the more it is eligible for human protection from human cruelty.”

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