19th February 2012

Tibetan Kitchen

454 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, Qld

While its management is Nepalese, this restaurant offers Tibetan as well as Nepalese food that seems made for vegetarians. The food is hearty in the extreme and very satisfying. We began with Mount Everest Soup, consisting of dumplings, vegetables and long strips of firm tofu in a mixture that recalled the Thai Tom Yum, and Nepalese samosas, perhaps a tad drier than their Indian cousins, that were served with cutney. For a main meal you can’t go past the good old Dhaal Bhat of lentils in a thin gruel, potatoes and carrot cooked in a sauce, and rice accompanied by some cabbage on the side; the serve in so generous it comes on its own tray. We enjoyed a vegetable dish, Kauli ko Taraki, that contains cauliflower, potatoes, green peas and tomatoes, and a Tofu Curry, in which large pieces of soft tofu came in a broth that seemed to be made of milk and lemon juice.  There is a variety of breads, among them the strongly flavoured chilli bread. This is a cuisine for healthy appetites rather than picky eaters, and they do it well at the Tibetan Kitchen.

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5th February 2012

Mints Vietnamese and Asian Cuisine

4/21 Nash St, Paddington Qld

This newly opened restaurant offers many dishes that vegans and vegetarians will enjoy. There are spring rolls that come with sweet chilli sauce, and more interestingly ‘transparent tofu rolls’ that contain plenty of mint with hoisin sauce for dipping; this is a strongly tasting concoction based on soy sauce, and the version served at Mints contains little pieces of peanut. For our main course we enjoyed tofu lemon grass and chilli (there is a wide range of tofu dishes), mixed vegetables with cashews (again, vegetables are cooked in a variety of ways) and a bowl of kailan, one of the Asian leafy green vegetables that is served with lashings of finely chopped garlic. It’s always reassuring when in an ethnic restaurant to see members of its community eating there, and the large number of Vietnamese diners who were obviously enjoying the food as much as we did was heartening. May Mint’s enjoy great success!

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