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Being Vegetarian

Why Be Vegetarian?

People choose to be vegetarian for various reasons.  The most common reasons include a concern for the well being of animals and a concern for one’s own health and well being.  Choosing to be vegetarian has many well documented health benefits including less risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol, less risk of certain cancers, diabetes, gallstones, kidney stones – the list goes on.  Then, of course there is the issue of concern for animals. There are many websites that explore in some depth the nature of the abuse and mis-treatment experienced by animals within the meat industry.  Just a few links to some of these websites appear below. 

  • http://www.goveg.com/index.aspx 
  • http://www.peta.org/index.asp
  • http://www.rspca.org.au/campaign/fairgo.asp
  • http://www.vaa.org.au/get_info/get_info/animal_protection_issues.html

If one is truly concerned both about their own health and the well being of the animals we share this planet with, there can be no argument that a vegetarian diet is the right choice.

Definitions of Vegetarianism

A vegan diet consists solely of plant foods. A lacto-vegetarian diet consists of plant foods with the addition of dairy products.  A lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet consists of plant foods, dairy foods and eggs. Regardless of the level of vegetarianism an individual chooses, a well planned diet will provide all the nutrients needed. Take a look at the nutrition post for more information and some useful links.