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  • Meeting Minutes 18 August 2012

18th August 2012

Meeting Minutes 18 August 2012

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Thank you to Melissa and Jacki for hosting today’s get together of VVOC. We enjoyed a lovely warm lunch of Chickpea ‘cutlets’, which we renamed Chickpea Crushlets after the structure didn’t quite live up to expectations – however this in no way impacted on the flavour, Corn and Black-eye pea stew from Kenya, Roast Vegetables and Spinach, and Crispy Roast Potatoes. Dessert was a real treat…….Cherry Cake and Chocolate Mousse! (A special thank you from the birthday girl:-)

1. Thank you to all members for their recent contributions as discussed at our previous meeting. We now have regular postings on the site.

2. A reminder that some postings need a link created in their particular section, e.g. recipes and restaurant reviews need a link created in the ‘About’ tab. Helen to email details of how to do this, as well as how to create Urbanspoon links.

3. Twitter…We discussed the idea of opening a Twitter account for vvoc.org to promote our blog postings. All agreed with the proviso that the account be named vvoc.org and none of our names/details included.

4. Today we also took the opportunity to watch a film together. Previously, Jacki and Melissa had gone to hear a presentation by Sam Childers, founder of Angels of East Africa, when he came to Brisbane. The film titled ‘Machine Gun Preacher’, is the story of his journey. Angels of East Africa is the name of the children’s village Sam founded in Sudan. The film was emotional and moving and highlighted in no uncertain terms the plight of the people of Southern Sudan and the terrors they live with daily under the force of the LRA.

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28th December 2011

Film Review – Making The Connection

Film review

At the Vegan 2011 Festival, I was lucky to get a copy of “Making the Connection” short-film about the beauty of the vegan life style. It was such a pleasure to see all of the different people, sharing their experiences of how being and staying vegan had changed their lives! Produced by Environmental Films LTD in association with The Vegan Society it is a great compilation of stories and experience of people from all walks of life, working in different fields, who with their personal choice are making our planet a more compassionate place to live in.

You are able to see it also on YouTube and share it with both friends and family and/or people who are interested in veganism in general. A very positive and uplifting  half an hour guaranteed.

Please, – Make the connection!

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