8th January 2012

Wise Words

Some words for the New Year from the American hip hop duo Dead Prez:

 ‘I don’t eat no meat, no dairy, no sweets

Only ripe vegetables, fresh fruit, and whole wheat.

I’m from the old school, my household smells like soul food

Curried falafel, barbecued tofu.’

Happy New Year to all visitors to this site, whether they are vegans, vegetarians, Orthodox brothers and sisters, or those who do not belong to any of these categories right now!

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15th December 2011

A Book Review – Feeding Your Vegan Infant – With Confidence

Practical guide from pre-conception through to pre-school.

Author : Sandra Hood

A book review:

Done beautifully. Easy to read. Highly factual. Up-to-date masterpiece. Do I need to say anything else? Oh, yes, it’s vegan too. But you knew that already didn’t you? I honestly prepared myself for a boring read through, and to my surprise this book wasn’t.

Knowing the author from her workshop/discussion at the Vegan 2011 Festival in London, I firstly bought the book because of its high publicity. Thinking that, as it is one of a kind (for now anyway) it can get away with anything basically. And yes in many ways it was a “basic information” read, nicely presented with no revelations or big secrets to follow or be revealed in the process.  But in my opinion this is the power of it. And not a disadvantage at all.

It clearly carries through that veganism is easy, doable, safe, fun, healthy and even exciting.  And how much better can it be then?

Now when we are approaching Christmas season (depending on the Calendar of course) it is nice to know that this book may be included in Christmas lists of some people and then many more will benefit from it.  Check it out for yourselves. Share it. Smile while reading it, but most of all spread the message of the beauty of a vegan lifestyle in everything & everywhere, even and especially if/when you are expecting…

May God bless you and guide you in His Love and Wisdom,

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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19th February 2009

Fats and Oils

As in any healthy diet, choosing fats and oils that are unsaturated is always best.  In the vegetarian diet these may inlcude the following:

  • avocados
  • olives
  • nuts
  • seeds
  • peanut butter
  • tahini

Including flaxseed oil in salads or smoothies is also a good choice for healthy fats, in particular omega 3 fatty acids which are important for healthy brain function.

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19th February 2009


Being vegetarian or vegan, as with any dietary choice does take some careful planning and forethought to ensure you remain healthy and gain all the essential nutrients your body needs.  This post deals with some of those essential nutrients.


(Important for healthy bones, teeth and also for healthy function of nerves and muscles.) 

Sources in a vegetarian diet:

  • Dairy foods
  • Soy milk (fortified with calcium)
  • dried figs
  • soy beans
  • chick peas
  • lentils
  • leafy greens
  • almonds
  • tahini

Exercise also plays an important role in preventing calcium loss, as does reducing caffeine and alcohol. 


(Important for healthy blood) 

Vegetarian sources

  •  lentils, beans
  • tofu, tempeh
  • soy milk
  • nuts
  • broccoli, spinach
  • whole grains
  • and many other foods

Eating foods rich in vitamin C help to increase iron absorption, as does reducing caffeine and cola drinks.


(Important for good thyroid function)

Vegetarian Sources

  • dairy products
  • iodised salt
  • seaweeds


(Important for health nerve cells and the production of red blood cells.)

Vegetarian Sources

  •  fortified foods
  • B12 supplements
  • B12 occurs naturally only in animal based foods, therefore a supplement is recommended.  Your GP or dieticain is the best person to recommend the dose required.


(Important for a healthy immune system.)

Vegetarian Sources

  • nuts, wholegrains
  • legumes
  • tempeh

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