16th May 2010

Lefkas Taverna

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170 Hardgrave Rd, West End Qld

A visit from some old friends at a very happy time of their lives prompted an outdoors Greek lunch. We began with two dips, homous and skordalia, the latter consisting of mashed potatoes flavoured with garlic and olive oil and looking for all the world like something omnivores would eat with sausages, but much more flavoursome; pitta bread and a bowl of beautiful dark olives were also on the table. Then we moved on to lemon potatoes, cooked with a hint of oregano, Lefkas salad (a typical Greek salad of tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and a few leaves of rocket), and delicious moist dolmathis (vegans beware, the sauce poured over these is based on yoghurt; in the Middle East tahini would be used.)  Greek cuisine is one of assertive flavours and some oiliness, two characteristics that a glass of retsina would complement nicely. Some people find its tastes a bit strong, but this was true of no-one at our table, as we shared our meal with great contentment.

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