20th June 2010

Vietnam Corner

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Shop 140, Sunnybank Plaza, Mains Rd, Sunnybank Qld

It may be a good idea to skip a preceding meal before tackling the vegetarian spring roll with vermicelli rice and salad served at the Vietnam Corner, for the portions are large. The dish offers a nice balance of colours, textures (the rolls come chopped into bite-sized pieces) and flavours. This is particularly true of the salad component, which comprises sprouts, lettuce, cucumber, carrot, chopped peanuts and, most importantly, the mint that gives the dish a wonderfully light feel; it comes with a bowl of viscous soy sauce to pour over it. The wide range of drinks on the menu includes one that always strikes me as a half a meal in its own right, the coconut and red bean frappe, in which a glass comes with layers of small red beans, coconut milk and ice, and a very necessary long spoon. But you’d never think you were dining with the Devil here, where an air of happy conviviality hangs over the diners.

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