27th June 2010

King Ahiram

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88 Vulture St, West End Qld

In what might be politely called the triumph of hope over experience, but would be more realistically be thought of as the triumph of laziness, I’ve sometimes picked up from the supermarket ready-made servings of Lebanese food, always to regret it on getting home: despite being packaged in a manner apparently designed to appeal to those who identify with hippy values, it’s pumped full of preservatives and somehow lifeless.  The take-aways at the popular King Ahiram, on the other hand, are freshly made and very much the real thing. The baba ghanoush is beautifully rich, and the assault on the taste buds of the earthy coloured hummus  is powerful (I recommend a drizzle of olive oil over it.) There are slightly tart pies of spinach and dark lentils, and large cabbage rolls…think vine leaves where the leaves have been replaced by cabbage. While you can eat in the King Ahiram, most of its business is take away, and food of this kind is perfect for taking home and enjoying (there will be no need for repenting) at your leisure.

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