6th February 2011

VVOC T-shirt and Bag!


Yes, that’s right!  Sitting around at a meeting some time ago we were tossing around ideas and this one came up: “Want to save the planet? Stop eating meat!”  It was too good to just leave it at that so we thought we would try our hand at getting t-shirts and bags printed.  Each member of the group is now a proud owner of a t-shirt and or a shopping bag.  The results are above!

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6th February 2011

VVOC Meeting Minutes 18/12/10

Members Present: Jacki, Melissa, John, Vasilios and Helen

Location: Fundies Whole Foods Cafe Paddington QLD
               219 Given Terrace, Paddington QLD 4064

Today we met for a lovely lunch at Fundies Whole Food Cafe.  Topics discussed were:

1. Helen reported on the progress made so far to increase traffic to our site by organising links on other related websites.  So far three applications have been put in to the following sites: The Vegetarian/Vegan Society of Queensland, The Australian Vegetarian Society and The Australian Vegetarian and Vegan Resource Group.

2. Discussion around developing a campaign of our own for Easter.  The idea would be to encourage Orthodox people who dye eggs red for Easter to use free range eggs.  Idea for the name of the campaign – at this stage would be ‘Breaking Eggs With Compassion.’  Vasilios and Helen are to work on a PDF poster to circulate to parishes and also put on the website.

3. Discussion about becoming a non-profit group.  All agreed to see how the campaigns go and then look into it as this may have other implications too in terms of raising funds which could be done through making the t-shirts and bags or also through donations.  Becoming a non-profit group would give us credibility as well.

4.  Vasilios brought along our website statistics for 2010. In summary, the top three countires generating traffic include Australia, the US and China.  We are averaging 150 unique visitors per month.  Our goal is to double this number over the next twelve months. Vasilios to keep an eye on stats for us and Helen to continue to set up connections/links out of related websites (with reciprocating links on our site.)

5.  Meeting dates for 2011

  • 5th of February 2011
  • 9th of April 2011
  • 4th of June 2011
  • 6th of August 2011
  • 1st of October 2011
  • 3rd of December 2011

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6th February 2011

VVOC Meeting Minutes October 2010

Members Present: Jacki, John, Vasilios and Helen

Apologies: Melissa

Today we met at Helen and Vasilios’ place for lunch and a discussion about the film ‘Food Inc’.

1. We started off talking about ‘Food Inc’. For those who are unaware ‘Food Inc’ is a film about the underbelly of the US food production and supply chain.  All agreed there were some truly disturbing instances of where profit is clearly put ahead of people’s health, let alone animal welfare.  Being vegetarian and vegan never felt so good after watching this! For more information about the movie go to the offical website at: http://www.foodincmovie.com/index.php.

2. Afterwards we shared a leisurely lunch including chickpea patties (cooked by Jackie), chickpea roast (cooked by Helen) and salad, olives and chargrilled veges.  John brought along some lovely sweet date and sesame balls to go with fruit for dessert.

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6th February 2011

Highlighted Campaign for February 2011

RSPCA Flood Appeal

With the recent devastating flooding in Queensland (and indeed further south also) and with now the effects of Cyclone Yasi too, I think it’s important to remember not only to help all the humans who have been impacted, but all the animals who need our help too.  There are several organisations out there committed to this goal, RSPCA being one of the major ones.  You can donate to them at the following link to help their work:  https://donate.rspcaqld.org.au/flood

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6th February 2011

Delicous vegan sugar free snack

Visit the West End markets for a delicious sugar free vegan snack – the date roll. Made of date and coconut, they somehow manage to whip the dates into a light and fluffy sweet. Enter the markets from Jane street and you will find an organic fruit stall on your left into the shady area just before the entrance to the Leagues club. I have also found at my local fruit shop in Sunnybank Hills, a date, coconut and almond roll, but have yet to try them. They are both products of the USA.

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6th February 2011

Shakahari Vegetarian Restaurant

201-203 Faraday St, Carlton Vic.

This is an entirely vegetarian and largely vegan restaurant where the dishes seem to have been invented by the cooks, who also have a knack of giving their creations funky names. For starters there is the wonderfully crunchy and tasty Scent of a Green Papaya in which the signature fruit is joined by sprouts, cashews and seaweed, or you can try the Avocado Magic, in which avocado, red capsicum and aubergine come fried in pastry wrappers with a coriander sauce…it’s a great idea, but I’m not sure that cooking delicately flavoured avocado really works. For a main meal, how about the luscious and thoroughly satisfying Green Green Laksa of noodles, coconut milk, sprouts, mushrooms, tofu, seitan and greens, or perhaps the nicely textured Croquettes de Chine of yams, macadamia nuts and potatoes, with accompanying veggies. We drank strawberry lassi and a dark grape juice so thick it needed a glass of water to wash it down. This is genuinely creative cooking, and it’s great fun seeing how the cooks combine familiar ingredients in completely unexpected ways. More of a place for a special outing than everyday eating, the Shakahari is most definitely worth a visit.

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