3rd April 2011

Thai NakonLanna

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6/225 Hawken Drive, St Lucia Qld

Students certainly eat better than they used to, and a meal at this modest establishment in a university area has little in common with the meals to which I was accustomed when among their number. It does vegetarian spring rolls that come with a sweet sauce for dipping; perhaps they could do with a little less batter, but they provide a great start to a meal. Then there are Choo Chee Curry, in which vegetables swim in a coconut sauce that has a bit of a kick, and Pad Thai Vegetarian Noodles with sprouts, veggies, tofu and pieces of fried egg (vegans beware!) There’s probably finer Thai food about, but hey a meal here sure beats buying stuff at the supermarket, wheeling it home in one of those trolleys, discovering at the last minute that you’re out of a key ingredient, and then having a big fight about whose turn it is to do the washing up.

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