17th April 2011

Laksa Hut

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51 Sherwood Rd, Toowong Qld

The clientele as well as the food and ambience at the Laksa Hut are reassuringly Southeast Asian. We enjoyed the Salt and Pepper Tofu, crispy with diced onion and capsicum on a bed of lettuce, and Chinese Vegetable with Garlic Sauce in which flecks of fried garlic are to be seen amid the dark green; let Chinese or Malay cooks loose on greens and the result is always satisfying. Other dishes on the menu that look vegetarian need  not be; it may be a good idea to ask. The food is complemented by an enormous range of interesting drinks. Some are commercial products that come ready packaged, such as the sago coconut milk, in which little orange pieces of sago lurk towards the bottom; some are freshly prepared juices with witty names, like the Kung Flu Fighter, in which apple is given a buzz by lemon and ginger. While very satisfying, the food here is simple and quickly served, making the Laksa Hut just the spot for a quick meal when on the way to somewhere else.

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