8th May 2011

Vege Rama

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Food Court, Myer Centre, 300 Queen St, Brisbane

Where can vegetarians and vegans who happen to be in town at lunchtime get decent food? Step forward Vege Rama, an entirely vegetarian outlet in a busy food court! They do enormous samosas and pakoras accompanied by a slightly sweet tamarind sauce; while not cheap, in terms of what you get they represent excellent value. The main dishes include vegetable korma, in which the carrots, green beans and aubergines come in a rich and delicate sauce, and a slightly sour, but wonderful, sambha dal;  there is a choice of saffron or brown rice. Veggie diners, all too often pleased to find anything at all available in a downtown food court, will not only find plenty of choice here, but food of a quality that surpasses that available at the non-veggie outlets. In fact, the large number of people waiting to place their orders suggests that the clientele of Vege Rama includes many potential as well as existing vegetarians!

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