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5th June 2011

Maru Finest Korean Barbeque Restaurant

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3/9 Lewina St, Sunnybank Qld

Despite what you might conclude from its name, this restaurant offers a vegetarian-friendly lunch, on a self-serve basis. You start by helping yourself to rice or barley (the latter a reminder that Koreans live in a cold part of the world), then pile on mushrooms, cucumber and various western vegetables, chives and what look like the stems of silver beet. There are three condiments, cold potato, a sourish kim chee, and sea weed, and the meal is washed down by a soup of tofu and vegetables, based on miso. It’s good, hearty, keep-out-the-cold food. The inhabitants of this part of Brisbane are known for their delicious cooking, but while the cooks here probably wouldn’t whip up an apple pie before your eyes, they provide a tasty and reasonably priced meal that is a reminder that vegetarian meals can be developed within unlikely contexts, even the ambience of a Korean BBQ establishment.

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