9th September 2011

Yi Xin (Organic Vegetarian)

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39 Temple St, Singapore

There’s an air of happy confusion at this laid-back place, but you won’t go wrong if you advance to the counter and point to a couple of the dishes behind the glass to have with rice. They include soft tofu with rehydrated mushroom, slightly chewy greens, and green beans in a spicy mix, a little less green than they sometimes are. Canned drinks come from a stall that seems separate from the main operation, among them two excellent ones from Thailand, young coconut juice with pulp and soursop juice. The food you carry to your table probably won’t be piping hot, and I’ve been to restaurants where the surroundings are more glamorous, but a meal with drink along the lines I’ve described will set you back $4…that’s Singaporean dollars, making this possibly the cheapest restaurant reviewed in these pages. For visitors to Singapore who want to fly under the tourist radar, a meal at this strictly vegetarian restaurant where the staff are full of good will offers interesting food and a lot of fun.

The nearest SMRT station is Chinatown.

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