16th October 2011

Addis Restaurant and Bar

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40-42 Caledonian Rd, London W1, UK

The walls of this attractive restaurant display various Ethiopian artefacts, and it’s obviously popular with members of that community. Among the wide range of vegetarian options, one of the salads is a winner: tomatoes, shredded lettuce and slices of green chilli are drenched in plenty of lemon juice and olive oil, giving it a very fresh and clean taste. For a main meal, the Yetesom Beyaynetu provides injera, the sourdough soft bread, with serves of legumes, such as lentils, and vegetables, among them a very satisfying cabbage and potato. It’s a tasty and filling meal, but be warned that the proportion of bread is high. There’s also an amazing side dish of long green chillis stuffed with finely chopped onion. Needless to say this has a strong taste, one that lingers in your mouth when you have stopped eating, but if you have some injera at hand there’s no reason to be daunted. This cuisine could never be described as subtle, but its tastes are appealing, it is extremely wholesome, and to judge by the folk at the Addis, those who eat it are lovely.

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