29th January 2012

My Heart-Garden

5/225 Hawken Drive, St Lucia Qld

This is an small, informal restaurant with a lot to offer vegetarians. The VVOC team of inspectors tackled a range of burgers, and all were impressed. The BBQ Tofu Burger was described as ‘Yummy! Delicious crispy bread (in this case gluten free), tasty soy mayonnaise, and the tofu grilled to perfection.’  The lentil-based Bliss Burger was rated ‘Delicious with lovely fresh salad on yummy panini; enjoyed that it had plenty of dressing.’ The Satay Bliss Burger was found so good our taster had to order a second, describing it as ‘very yummy!’ So much yumminess at one table. People who don’t like burgers are bound to enjoy other dishes from a very international menu, among them a very acceptable humus; there are excellent smoothies and, something unexpected, superbly rich coffee. The VVOC crew, well some of them, are used to excellent food at home, but all were bowled over by this restaurant. It has our strongest recommendation, and we’d like to thank the staff who looked after us so well.
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