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10th January 2010

Fountain Court Chinese Restaurant

135 Prince St Grafton NSW

If you’re lucky enough to be walking away from the river along the left-hand side of the main street in Grafton,

Where the lordly River Clarence flows in splendour to the sea

And the stately jacaranda blooms in regal majesty

(spare me the adjectives!), after a few blocks you’ll pass the entrances to two Chinese restaurants. That nearer the intersection with Bacon St, the Fountain Court, is the one you want. You can order cashews or tofu with vegetables (if you go for the latter, it may be an idea to check that it will be cooked in vegetarian fashion), while from a Thai section at the back of the menu you can order the same vegetables in various sauces. The servings are generous and the staff friendly, two things I always think of as being characteristic of a country town and the people who live there. It’s possible to sit back with a VB and give thanks that you are in Grafton.

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