7th February 2010

Yim Thai Restaurant

100 Marsh St, Armidale NSW

I’ll never forget the first time I tried tom yum soup. Nothing in my experience had prepared me for the intense taste coming from the mixture of lemon grass and lime leaves, but it was obviously the product of people who knew very well what they were doing, and since then I have always enjoyed raising a spoonful. At the Yim Thai the soup┬ácomes thick with mushrooms (Tom Yum Hed), which provide hearty bulk without getting in the way of the flavour. The restaurant also offers vegetarian curry puffs filled with carrot, potato, peas, corn and onion; there are tasy enough, but much milder than the soup. The main dishes include Tofu Tod, in which deep fried tofu comes with a plum sauce, Pad Thai tofu, and a variety of other dishes. In fact there are 17 dishes in the veggie┬ásection of the menu, which should be enough to keep the inhabitants of the beautiful Athens of the North happily eating for some time.

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