24th February 2010

Ghandi Curry House

10 Little Stanley St, South Bank, Brisbane

During the days of the Empire on which the sun never set, Indian cooks devised a number of dishes calculated to please the British palate: a kind of fusion food, Raj style! Among these is mulligatawny soup, which the Ghandi Curry House does well. The lentils are pureed and nicely spiced, and soft rice lurks at the bottom of the bowl. There are also large samosas, where lentils are to be encountered as well as the usual mix of vegetables. The main dishes include Vegetable Kolapuri, in which carrots, green beans, peas and green capsicum swim in a tomato-based sauce. Some curry afficianados may find this dish a wee bit bland. The spinach paneer is worth ordering for its beautiful deep green colour alone, but I’m told the taste is very good too.  Located in the middle of a tourist area, this restaurant offers some unusual takes on a wonderful cuisine.

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