15th August 2010

Sing’s Asian Kitchen

5/5 Nash St, Rosalie Village, Paddington Qld

At the recommendation of an old friend two of us sat down at this suburban restaurant for a quiet lunch. There’s no shortage of interesting things to choose from, as the menu lists nine veggie main dishes. We chose the chilli lemongrass tofu, a colorful mixture of tofu, cashews, carrot, capsicum, broccoli, green beans, baby corn, celery and fresh basil, and the vegetarian pad thai, in which the noodles come with vegetables and crumbled nuts (cashews and peanuts);  the egg is said to be very complementary in taste and texture. Again, the dish is accompanied by basil, which gives it a freshness not always found in east Asian cooking. We also sampled the vegetarian tofu soup, which was better that it often is, although I always have to remind myself that this is a kind of fusion dish that does not reflect the authentic traditions of the cuisine in which it is now placed. But why be a purist? There’s no reason why styles of cooking can’t develop, and the possibilities of veggie and vegan cuisine are truly endless.

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