29th August 2010

Mu’ooz Restaurant

Shop 21-23, Arcade basement level,197-201 Beaudesert Rd, Morooka Qld

What a delight to encounter Eritrean cuisine! At its centre stands enjera, a flat, soft bread made from a mixture of grains to which sour dough gives a distinctive taste. It comes to the table with the main dishes sitting upon it. We ordered the five  vegetarian ones on the menu, these being tsebhi kantisha (mushroom stew), tsebi dubo (a pumpkin dish), tsebhi brusn (a beautifully colored red lentil stew with spices), the very pleasing alicha (vegetable stew) and shiro, a chickpea dish with stuffed green chillies (the chickpeas are ground so finely that they are not identifiable as such). As time passes the stews and moist curries are absorbed by the bread, and diners seem inevitably to move towards using the dampened enjera to scoop up the food. It’s a fun way of eating a hearty cuisine of robust rather than delicate flavours. The dark coffee, strong yet mild, comes in a smart black pot and is drunk out of small cups without handles. This restaurant is operated by the Eritrean Australian Women and Family Support Network, and has Coptic Orthodox connections. It is strongly recommended!

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