7th August 2011

Kuan-Yin Teahouse

198 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley Qld

What a pleasure to dine at an entirely vegetarian and substantially vegan Chinese restaurant! The wife of a friend read about it in an airline in-flight magazine, but I imagine that the people who find their way to the neighbourhood in which it’s located are more likely to be locals than visitors. We enjoyed bowls of miso tofu soup, mild and appetizing, and sour spicy soup, packed with mushrooms, sprouts, greens, strips of soft tofu and baby corn; this soup is a real winner. For main meals there are hearty dishes of fried dumplings that take the form of oddly shaped parcels and thick noodles.  Fans of imitation meat dishes are also catered for, making this an excellent place to take very timid non-vegetarian friends as well as a wonderful venue for committed veggies. The repertoire of Chinese cooks seems endless.

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