21st August 2011

Hanaichi Sushi Bar, Dining

G316 Level 3, Wintergarden, Queen St Mall, Brisbane Qld

Japanese cuisine, in which fish can end up in just about anything, can be hard for vegetarians, and the format of taking likely-looking dishes from a moving sushi train is one that easily lends itself to mistakes…how could you have told that a dish of rice had finely chopped fish throughout it? Fortunately at the Hanaichi you can order the same dishes from a menu and ensure that they’re OK. We enjoyed three in particular: avocado rolls wrapped in seaweed, a seaweed salad, and vegetable tempura in which each of the individual parcels had a nice mix of taste and texture.  This is a popular restaurant, and while vegetarians may feel that they are eating side dishes rather than main meals, the freshness of the food and the stylishness of the Japanese aesthetic make it a great place for a light meal. The green Japanese tea is recommended!

The complex where this restaurant is located is being redeveloped; there’s a circuitous entrance via the mall.

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