2nd January 2012

Sultan’s Kitchen

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163 Given Terrace, Paddington Qld

A meeting with an old friend was the occasion for a very happy dinner at an Indian restaurant  which we both remember fondly from days of old. We began with vegetarian samosas, of the thick variety and nicely flavoured with tamarind sauce (the sweet chilli promised by the menu didn’t eventuate, but we weren’t complaining) and an onion salad with plenty of ripe tomatoes, enlivened by rings of red onion and sprigs of coriander. For main meals we went for a beautifully spiced dal masala with plenty of bay leaves and an alu palak with very fine and presumably fresh spinach. Within reach lay thin spicy lime naans, cooked vegan-style, and a large bowl of rice. The sultan from whose kitchen these delights come is a lucky person, his staff are gracious and obliging, and feasting on such excellent food is the perfect accompaniment to the more important task of catching up. May this restaurant flourish for many more years!

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