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17th January 2010

Piedmont Inn Pizza Restaurant

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248 Great Western Highway, Blackheath NSW

A significant milestone in the lives of some good friends brought a sizeable number of us together in the Blue Mountains, a bit over two hours west of Sydney by train. While Italian restaurants are usually fine for vegetarians, and this place is renowned for the quality of its pizzas, they can prove a bit tricky for vegans. However, the chef kindly offered to cook a mushroom risotto using olive oil in place of butter, and the result was excellent, beautifully moist while densely textured, the mushroom taste coming through loud and clear. Such a dish needs to be followed by something that cleanses the palate, and as it happens the sorbets here are water based, offering a genuinely fruity taste rather than bland sweetness. People of the most diverse dietary habits left the restaurant in the best of cheer, and after such a happy evening it only remains to wish the wonderful couple who had been responsible for our coming together: Many Years!

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