25th January 2010

Gaby’s Deli

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30 Charing Cross Rd, London WC2, UK

There’s a whiff of New York Jewish about this place, as there is of Mittel Europa (a friend of Hungarian background pronounces the goulash excellent.) But for veg*ns, the chief interest will be the dishes from the Middle East, among them falafel with hummus in warm pitta bread, and the fine array of salads, both cooked (the potato and aubergine are recommended) and raw (tomato with onion is hard to beat.) The mood is laid back, the food excellent and reasonably priced.

Take the tube to Leicester Square; Gaby’s is on the eastern side of Charing Cross Rd. It’s wonderfully located for various activities in central London: theatres are all around, to the north lie the serious bookshops of Charing Cross Rd, while just to the south are the National Gallery and Trafalgar Square, beyond which it’s a gentle stroll to Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament.

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