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8th August 2010

Wagamama The Galleries Victoria

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Level 1, 500 George, St, Sydney NSW

Wherever you go, it’s the same Wagamama experience: the long benches, high level of ambient noise, waiters who jot down your order on a paper place mat and return to make another mark after they’ve asked how you’re enjoying yourself , and a  resolutely modern menu are universal. At this outlet in downtown Sydney the raw salad is a winner, its spinach leaves and mesculin with slices of cucumber, carrot and red onion coming with a non-assertive dressing and virtually bursting with health…for those wanting a hit of sodium, the miso soup is recommended. The spicy yasai itame offers tofu, zucchini and broccoli on a bed of rice with plenty of chilli and ginger and a wedge of lime to give it even  more lift, while the ramen soup with tofu and vegetables comes in a very big bowl. Most of the vegetarian dishes are vegan, except for the desserts, these being dairy-based and so fine for vegetarians but not vegans. The food is contemporary and never quite what one could imagine eating at home, and you may leave having paid a little more than you expected…but hey, the experience.

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