6th February 2010

VVOC Meeting Minutes 6/2/10

Today we shared a lovely lunch at The Loving Hut.

1. Thanks to John for his restaurant reviews.

2. Thanks to Jacki for her ongoing work with campaigns.

3. Jacki suggested we put up a post featuring our t-shirt and bag as an activity.

4. Vasilios is going to put up links to two articles he has written; “Being Orthodox and Western” and last year’s Easter article.

5. John has offered to lend Helen a book : to assist in writing a posting about fasting.

6. John is going to write a review of The Loving Hut and has kindly offered to host our next meeting.

7. Discussed the book “Dewey“, a wonderful story of a library cat in IOWA.

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12th December 2009

12th December 2009 Meeting Minutes

Minutes VVOC 12/12/09

1. Talked about the t-shirts and decided that Helen would look into the possibility of ladies styles. Will order 2 mens shirts and tote bags for Jacki, Melissa and Helen.

2. Need to put up a post about fasting and our different perspectives. Should we be discussing what we do? Does this diminish the purpose of fasting? Perhaps some general information about fasting – this needs to be a communal posting so that we are all comfortable with the content. Add in a comment regarding the nature of fasting – that it doesn’t have to be scary or an impossible task. (Frederica Matthews-Green book had a good passage about fasting)

3. Vasilios clarified that the personal aspects of the site would be testimonials and recipes etc and that all other info is resource based/links out.

4. Dates for VVOC 2010
* 6/2/10
* 10/4/10 – Picnic
* 5/6/10
* 2/10/10

5. Tasks for 2010:
* Jacki – to continue campaigns
* Melissa – recipes
* Vasilios – contact us form
* Helen – nutrition focus
* John – restaurant reviews

6. Noted the importance of stating the nature of content – fact or individual opinion.

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6th September 2009

14th August 2009 Meeting Minutes

VVOC 14th August 2009 6:30pm

Members Present


Jacki (With very good reason:-)

1. All members agreed that work from previous list needs to be completed!
2. Lentil Loaf and roast veges were a hit.  Recipe to go up on site.
3.  Vasilios discussed his latest creation of the “Eurasion Salad.” ( A combination of endive and other salad veges with a dressing based on soy sauce – very yummy but not auditioned at this meeting!)  Vasilios to put up recipe on site.
4. Melissa requested a Greek Salad recipe to go up on site.
5. Meeting interrupted for a discussion about Cyrano the cat.  After sufficient pats and cuddles, meeting continued…..
6. All members agreed to put up their testimonials regarding becoming vegetarian before next meeting.
…..short interruption to enjoy chocolate coated strawberries from Melissa – yum!….
7. Discussion about our dream to set up an animal rescue farm.
8. Melissa to write a review of “The Loving Heart,” cafe.
9. Vasilios to create a page for Testimonials.

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29th September 2008

Update On VVOC

We are finally getting organised! We have broken down the jobs for each person. Vasilios is going to be responsible for activities such as maintaining the website. Helen will write on nutrition, being vegetarian and who we are as the VVOC group. Jacki is going to be responsible for campaigns, sustainable living and news. Melissa will put together some recipes, write about being Orthodox and update information about meetings.

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